About Us

At the Riekes Center, we focus on achievable and measurable results. Students benefit from individualized programs that build strength, speed, flexibility and endurance, while preventing injury. Our athletic programs rely on evaluations and video-based bio-mechanical analysis to measure improvement. Our programs are individually tailored to meet each of our student’s needs and goals, in an atmosphere where all students, goals, and interests are equally important.

Our sport-specific approach creates better athletes, stronger team players, and more motivated and confident individuals. Our programs utilize the best technologies, highly developed learning theories, and latest advancements in areas such as physiology, nutrition and the mechanics of movement. In addition, our commitment to mentoring young people creates a positive atmosphere where all students feel welcome and supported. We offer sport-specific programs for lacrosse, soccer, and position-specific training for football.

We help build confidence and teach lifetime wellness. Everyone here succeeds, because we teach students how to set achievable goals and create a plan to achieve them. Many of our students have successful careers in high school, college, or professional sports.


RISE-UP (age 9+)

Riekes Institute of Speed and Explosiveness – Unleashed Potential

Elements (age 9–12)

Introduces youth to fundamental movement patterns through jumping, running, and fun activities

CORE (age 13–18)

Customized strength and conditioning program

Pinnacle (age 14+)

Training for college athletes or aspiring college athletes

Adult Fitness (age 18+)

Customized strength and conditioning for adults

Personal Training

Adaptive Sports and Fitness

Fit3D Body Composition Assessment

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Highlight Reels & Video Services

Pricing Information

To see a list of program prices for the entire Riekes Center, download the Riekes Price Sheet (PDF, 164 KB). Prices are subject to change; for the most up-to-date information, please contact us.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for all of our programs. We seek to provide educational opportunities regardless of income; please contact the Front Desk for more information at info@riekes.org or (650) 364-2509. In addition to direct scholarships, we offer work-trade opportunities through our Student Services program.

The Riekes Center | 3455 Edison Way, Menlo Park CA 94025 | (650) 364-2509 | info@riekes.org